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Single parent, One child
I am Kumar and I have been with the United Nations for 10 years. I am currently on my second assignment in Ashkhabad and working as a Programme Officer, P-4, step VII. I am a single father and my only son has just started his undergraduate studies in the Unites States at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I was anxious about the changes in the compensation package as rumours suggested there would be significant pay cuts. After talking to my Human Resources Officer, I discovered that there will only be a small reduction of about $75 per year in my salary together with the new single parent allowance and the mobility incentive. However, my primary concern has been the education grant. Under the new compensation package, some of my son's college expenses will not be covered anymore, including his boarding fees. When the changes take effect, I will end up paying about $11,000 more per year for his education. Transition will be difficult for me and it will require some adjustments.

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